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Ceatant Enterprise is a small but highly skilled startup company.
We identify problems and create solutions with our flexible mindset and exceptional skillset.


Company Profile

Company Nameシータントエンタープライズ株式会社
Ceatant Enterprise Inc.
LocationTokyo, Japan
Capital1,500,000 JPY
CEO/CTOJunji Hata
Foundation DateJuly 2011

Our Product | Bandoff.info

We designed and developed a web platform where people can organize and/or join music sessions.

Our Product | Triangle x Complex

We pioneered in developing mobile (iOS/Android) social games for Mobage, GREE, mixi.


We design and develop both our products and customer's products.
Successful development itself is not our goal. Our goal is to create successful business using the product.

Mobile Apps

E-Commerce/Web Systems

Online Games

Business Applications

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We respect your privacy. We will not disclose your information without your prior permission or legal reasons.